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Research and innovation conducted across the EuroTech Universities is growing fast, covering the whole Big Data value chain, which include advances in core techniques, technologies and infra- structure in data collection, storage and management, data analysis, controlled and effective data sharing, smart manufacturing and life science. The digitalization of society, industry and businesses has radically transformed the ways in which we live and work. Computer Science and Engineering are the enablers of this transformation, creating the foundation for new business models and businesses that have grown at unprecedented rates. Hence, collecting, storing, preserving, managing, analysing, and sharing exponentially increasing quantities of data present a variety of significant Big Data challenges that research must address.




The collaboration of EuroTech Universities research groups focuses in particular on the intersections of Big Data and Health and Big Data and Transport. A number of workshops have been hosted and co-organised by the Brussels Office:

  • High Performance Computing, March 2015
  • Big Data, December 2015 & February 2016
  • Big Data in Transport/ Intelligent Transport Systems in May 2016


The EuroTech Universities are currently in the process of exploring synergies between their individual curricula in Data Management and Data Science. This could possibly lead to more enhanced cooperation and joint curriculum development across all educational levels.

Photo: Eric Berghen



Key Experts Involved

DTU – Bjarne Kjær Ersbøll, DTU Compute
EPFL – Daniel Kressner, Numerical Algorithms and High Performance Computing
TU/e – Alessandro Di Bucchianico, Chair of Probability and Statistics
TUM – Massimo Fornasier, Chair for Applied Numerical Analysis, Department of Mathematics

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Bjarne Kjær Ersbøll, DTU Compute
Brussels Office: Inga Odenthal