High Performance Computing



While the success of High Performance Computing (HPC) in driving research across the sciences and engineering is undisputed by now, the application, technology development and innovation remains a challenge. The EuroTech Universities Alliance leads efforts to overcome this challenge and enable HPC into research, education, and industrial computing. In each EuroTech University a large number of research teams have significant HPC expertise, involving groups from applied mathematics, informatics, science and engineering, either locally or in world-wide network.





Currently, the main focus of collaboration is 'Enabling computational techniques for multiscale engineering problems’, including the following research fields:

  • immersed methods
  • multi-physics
  • Reduced Order Modeling
  • data-driven and imaging-based simulation
  • topology optimization
  • biomechanical applications






The EuroTech Universities explored the scope for cooperation, complementary strengths and synergies and possibilities of joining forces at a workshop facilitated by the Brussels Office:


EuroTech Advanced School on Immersed Methods

The workshop for PhD students from the EuroTech universities took place in November 2017 at the Eindhoven Multiscale Institute, TU/e. The Advanced School on Immersed Methods provided  participants with a comprehensive overview of the field of immersed methods (e.g., the finite cell method, cutFEM, immersogeometric analysis) and their applications in fluid and solid mechanics. Immersed methods are powerful tools for solving mechanical and multi-physics problems on complex domains. The pivotal idea of these methods is to embed the complex physical domain in a larger embedding domain of simple geometry, which allows for structured meshes on which the solution fields are interpolated using higher-order bases.


Key Experts Involved

TUE - Harald van Brummelen, Professor for Multiscale Engineering Fluid Dynamics
EPFL - Jan Hesthaven, Chair of Computational Mathematics and Simulation Science
TUM - Ernst Rank, Chair for Computation in Engineering
DTU - Ole Sigmund, Professor for Solid Mechanics, DTU Mechanical Engineering


Brussels Office: Maria-Valerie Schegk