All EuroTech Universities among the top 20 of Europe’s most innovative universities

According to the Reuters Top 100 Ranking published on 14 June, all EuroTech Universities rank among the top 20 of Europe's most innovative universities. EPFL ranks 4th, TUM is placed  5th, DTU reaches rank 12th and TU/e lies 16th. The Reuters Ranking underlines the successful approach of European Universities of Science & Technology: Nearly all of the top players emphasize practical research and applied science, as opposed to pure academics.

The Reuters Top 100 aims to identify which institutions contribute the most to science and technology, and have the greatest impact on the global economy. The ranking evaluated ten indicators over the time period from 2009 to 2014, including how many patents the universities applied for and were awarded,  how frequently these patents were cited in other patent applications, and how often the university's scientific publications were cited in patent applications as well as in industrial research publications.