DTU researchers win H2020 prize on optical transmission

DTU researchers have been awarded the prestigious Horizon prize of EUR 500,000 for a technology that allows optical data transmission with ultra-high capacity and presents huge energy- and cost-saving potential.

The biggest challenges facing the Internet today are the increasing demands for capacity and the associated energy consumption. At present, more than two per cent of total global carbon emissions stem from the Internet, and the Horizon prize—which has recently been awarded to researchers from DTU and others—addresses precisely this issue.

Presented as part of Horizon 2020—the EU framework programme for research and innovation—this is an innovation prize awarded to researchers working to make a breakthrough in a specific area of societal interest to Europe. The research team around Leif Katsuo Oxenløwe and Hao Hu has developed new types of optical transmitters, new types of transmission fibres and new types of fibre amplifiers, which, together, have the capacity to deliver ultra-high capacity transmission over thousands of kilometres with significant savings on energy and costs. More information on the prize, the winners' research and their reactions can be found on the DTU Website.

Photo: Yildiz Arslan