EuroTech Universities workshop led to EU cooperation on bio-imaging research and education

Researchers from the EuroTech Universities Alliance (DTU, EPFL, TU/e and TUM), medical stakeholders and industry representatives gathered at the Technische Universität München on June 11 and 12 to discuss cooperation opportunities in bio-imaging research and education.

The workshop was an initiative of the EuroTech Universities Alliance to bring together a trusted network of bio-imaging stakeholders with the right mix of complementary expertise. The programme focused on collaborative projects in the bio-imaging field across the Work Programme 2014-2015 of Horizon2020, the new EU framework programme for research and innovation running from 2014 to 2020. While the first part of the workshop provided input on the approach of Horizon2020 and its funding opportunities, the second part was focused on interactive group sessions and match-making of interests to come up with ideas for joint proposals.

One of the participants stated: “The workshop provided a very good opportunity to meet potential partners and establish a network for cooperation in Horizon2020.”

The workshop benefited from the participation of Peter Fisch, former Head of Unit at the European Commission, DG Research and Innovation, Christina Kleinert from the Bavarian Research Alliance and Thomas MayerhÖfer from the European Technology Platform Photonics21, who gave an insight on opportunities in Horizon2020.

The workshop received beneficiary support of the Innovation Center Denmark in Munich.

Bioimaging workshop 1

Bioimaging workshop 2