Space & Earth Observation

The initiative to collaborate in Space was started by DTU. At a first meeting of scientists from the EuroTech partner universities in the field of aerospace and geodesy in September 2019 at EPFL, the group exchanged views on complementary research expertise from the individual partner universities and decided to intensify the collaboration in the future. In a follow-up workshop at the new TUM Department of Aerospace and Geodesy in February 2020, the focus was set on 'Satellite Remote Sensing and Global Climate Change'. Subsequent to the meeting, all EuroTech partners unanimously agreed on intensifying the collaboration in this field, involving all EuroTech partner universities and on establishing SPACE as a central topic within the focus area “Sustainable Society” of the EuroTech Universities Alliance. The framework of the Alliance will be used to display and develop the SPACE-related competences of all partner universities and to intensify collaboration in the European research and public landscape.

This Working Group addresses:

Chair: TUM

  • Michael Klimke, Managing Director of Department of Aerospace and Geodesy (e-mail)
  • Roland Pail, Astronomical and Physical Geodesy (e-mail)