January 18, 2016

First EuroTech Universities Workshop on Health Gaming

The EuroTech Universities Brussels Office hosted a first Workshop on Health Gaming on 18 and 19 January 2016. The objective was to explore and potentially combine the existing research excellence of the four partner universities in the field of Health Gaming/Gamification, also with a view to matching joint research interests with funding opportunities.

Gamification has emerged as promising technique to raise the public’s interest and engagement in less challenging or only marginally interesting subjects and tasks. Healthcare can benefit from this development in many different ways, i.e. fitness apps for game engines. But the benefit of games is not limited to prevention only. Gamification can have an impact on patient-physician communication and can provide very useful tools to educate patients on their health status and prospective interventions. Likewise, gamification can be part of rehabilitation and therapy when it comes to specific exercises and movements patients are required to follow on a regular basis.

The workshop brought together key research players from the four partner universities and highlighted in particular the importance of a close interplay between the different scientific fields in this very interdisciplinary area.

Contact in the Brussels Office: Valerie Schegk