First EuroTech Universities Workshop on Innovation & Technologies for Development

Photo: Fotolia

Photo: Fotolia

On 7-8 September the EuroTech Universities Brussels Office hosted the first EuroTech Universities Workshop on Innovation & Technologies for Development. The aim of the workshop was to explore the potential for collaboration among the EuroTech Universities in the field of technologies for development and innovation in emerging and developing countries (Global South). The workshop touched on many sub-topics from the field of technologies for development and innovation, for example innovation and technologies for disaster risk reduction, renewable energies, medical technologies, mobility and innovative organisational models. A few selected officials from the European Commission joined for informal discussions on the international dimension of the EU’s research and education policies and programmes and current developments in disaster risk reduction policy.



Development engineering is an increasingly important interdisciplinary field. Understanding the role of essential technologies for development and poverty reduction and learning to implement research projects sustainably and under dynamic contexts is vital, yet challenging. Knowledge about technical innovations and innovative organizational models in the Global South is also critical. In this developing context, the engineer needs to able to produce socio-economic value while reducing the use of limited resources.

Given their strong individual research and education programmes in the field, the EuroTech Universities are in a favourable position to develop a common research and education framework for innovation and technologies for development.

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