Our vision – six universities, one campus

Educating the innovators of tomorrow

The sky is the limit for us when it comes to educating global talents in the 21st century. We are proud to educate strong innovators and change agents of society that are best equipped to make a sustainable impact. Cooperation with industry is essential for us, entrepreneurship is at our heart, and working with and for society to solve the grand challenges of our time is what drives us. All six EuroTech Universities rank amongst the best universities worldwide to prepare students for the workplace.

Enrolling at a EuroTech University means benefitting from the best that six leading universities of science and technology have to offer. We encourage our students to use their time at university to learn, try out, grow, experience, and discover as much as possible. One university, one country is not enough to do that. This is why we are connecting our campuses more and more. We offer a range of inter-university activities and programmes for all levels, from Bachelor and Master up to PhD courses of studies. And we foster student mobility: our vision “25 by 25” sets the goal to have at least one quarter of our students spend time at one or more other EuroTech Universities by 2025, physically or virtually.

EuroTeQ Engineering University

Our educational programmes have received an additional boost through the EuroTeQ Engineering University. This project is a so-called “European University” funded under the European Union’s Erasmus+ scheme. The EuroTeQ Engineering University includes two additional top universities: Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia and Czech Technical University in Prague.

Together, we develop a virtual campus with innovative digital teaching formats, foster challenged-based learning, connect our campus management systems, and open our learning environments to each other and also to non-academic vocational learners and professionals. For this, we work in close collaboration with industry and civil society organisations.

For Bachelor's and Master's students
Joint Master’s and double degree programmes
We offer several bilateral Master’s (MSc) programmes in selected areas. While 1:1 programmes award a degree at the home university and a certificate at the host university, double degree programmes award a degree at both universities.
EuroTeQ Engineering University
Together with TalTech in Estonia and Czech Technical University in Prague, we are establishing a study programme that involves also many industrial and other partners. It will shortly offer shared courses, student challenges, and many more exciting opportunities for students.
Digital Learning Initiative 2020-21
The Digital Learning Initiative piloted a scheme to open virtual courses and student challenges to all EuroTech students and was launched during the Corona crisis. The results feed into the EuroTeQ Engineering University, where we are currently developing a virtual campus.
For PhD students
Joint Supervision of Doctoral Candidates
Our universities cooperate particularly well in fields of interest to doctoral candidates to ensure a better doctoral experience. Among others, they offer a joint supervision of doctoral projects by two or more EuroTech Universities, including mobility funds for stays abroad.
Summer/Winter Schools
We fund selected summer/winter schools, organised by our young researchers for their peers. The topic of the 2-to-7-day schools should be interdisciplinary at the cutting edge of science and technology and be of high relevance for science and society.
EuroTechPostdoc2 programme
This EU-funded Marie Sklodowska-Curie programme might be of interest to you if you are close to getting your PhD. We offer in total 70 fellowships, split over two calls for applications. You can establish your own research line and benefit from exceptional training opportunities.
For professionals & lifelong learners
Study programmes for professionals
Even if you cannot or do not want to be a full-time student again, the EuroTech Universities offer various study programmes – often in collaboration with industry – to continue your education throughout your professional career and earn an additional degree.
Massive open online courses (MOOCs)
You are a pupil, a professional, a retiree, a homemaker, … and interested in extending your knowledge? All EuroTech Universities offer free virtual courses for everyone to join. Use them to deepen your knowledge in your field of expertise or discover new ones!
EuroTeQ Engineering University
Our recently launched EuroTeQ Engineering University is not only open to academic students but also to vocational trainees pursuing a technical career and to professionals who want to keep on learning in the spirit of “lifelong learning”. First courses will launch later in 2021.