Innovation course helps students to realise the commercial potential of their research

The Innovation Bootcamp course is organized by TU/e and designed for students in a PhD or PDEng program with a technical/engineering background (e.g. mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, building and construction engineering, computer science, physics, etc). It focuses on shaping entrepreneurial ideas for sustainable energy, mobility and smart cities.

Its learning objective is to transform technical ideas into business by:

  • Identifying market opportunities
  • Designing the right business model for technological innovations
  • Orchestrating an innovation ecosystem
  • Assessing the advantages - and disadvantages - of the ‘lean’ start-up approach and business plans
  • Developing marketing strategies for a new business
  • Building, managing and leading teams in a new business
  • Preparing and producing financial statements
  • Growing and up-scaling a business, and planning an exit strategy
  • Managing legal issues, including IP rights protection, governmental subsidies and regulations
  • Developing entrepreneurial skills.

Applications are open until 18 September 2017 and the course will take place on 16 - 27 October 2017.

For students of EuroTech Universities no participation fee is required, and their accommodation and travel costs will be reimbursed by their own universities.

For more information contact Dr. Boukje Huijben or download the leaflet.