DTU wins European Championship in green driving

DTU Roadrunners took first place in the Shell Eco Marathon with their bioethanol-powered car
EuroTech Universities partner, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), produced a car called Dynamo, which covered nearly 600 km on the equivalent of one litre of petrol.
This year marked the 30th successive edition of the Shell Eco Marathon. It increasingly resembles a giant festival for technology enthusiasts to challenge the range of different types of fuel. Around 2,000 students from 22 different countries took part, entering almost 200 different vehicles in the European edition of the Eco Marathon that took place in Rotterdam.

Technical specifications of Dynamo
Fuel: Bioethanol E100 (second generation, supplied by Inbicon)
Engine: 49 cc motor Yamaha Neo 4 (modified moped motor)
hp/Nm: approx. 2.5 hp at 6,000 rpm - 3.4 Nm at 5,000 rpm
Top speed: 50 km/h
Class: Urban Concept, combustion engines
Weight: approx. 100 kg.
Chassis: Aerodynamic shell made of thin carbon fibre
Bodywork: Self-supporting carbon fibre monocoque
Wheels/suspension: Carbon fibre hubs fitted with Michelin tyres
Steering wheel: 3D printed
KERS: regenerating brake system based on electric motor, clutch, etc.
(Maxon Motor 400W)

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