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EuroTech Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Series #2

The newly established EuroTech Working Group on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is launching a biweekly online seminar series: Every other Wednesday, the group is offering a one-hour talk open to all. Join us on 28 April for the second talk: Prof. Noam Adir Schulich Faculty of Chemistry, Technion Israel Institute of Technology
Engineering Cells, Membranes and Super-Complexes in Bio-Photoelectrochemical Cells
Abstract Intact photosynthetic organisms (plants, seaweeds, green algae and cyanobacteria), isolated membranes, isolated photosynthetic complexes and hybrid biological/ synthetic conjugates (conductive polymers or Au nanoparticles) are attractive starting materials for solar energy conversion (SEC). Our overall goal is to develop methods to perform SEC using these materials in simple, inexpensive and in a fashion that will be non-polluting and will not compete with the growth of foods. I will describe here how the remarkable photocatalytic activity of the photosynthetic apparatus can provide overall water splitting with significant harvested current and hydrogen production in Bio-Photo-Electro-Chemical (BPEC) cells via the simplest and cleanest of processes.

Practical information

Date: Wednesday, 28 April 2021
Time: 15:00-16:00 CET
Location: Zoom link
Registration: is not required


This event is open to all.


If you have any questions, please contact Professor Fausto Gallucci of Eindhoven University of Technology.

Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
We have just started this working group and discuss topics related to research within chemistry and chemical engineering.