15 April 2021 | The European Venture Programme is EuroTech’s contribution to a more vibrant scene of scalable start-ups in Europe. Each year, we offer 25 young EuroTech start-ups exclusive access to the entrepreneurship expertise and networking resources available at the six EuroTech Universities. The application period for this year’s Corona Online Edition is now open. Apply by 23 May 2021 and participate in this intensive 10-day programme.

Who can apply?

You are eligible if:

  • You are affiliated with one of the six EuroTech Universities (student, PhD, postdoc or alumni).
  • You have a business case beyond the idea phase and have most likely participated in a local incubator programme.
  • You already have some traction, for example raised first funding, LOIs, pilot studies, won prizes etc. and are interested to explore other ecosystems, markets, cultures, and networks.

Find more information about the programme here.

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