26 May 2021 | Today, Shanghai Ranking published its Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2021. This year’s table contains rankings of universities in 54 subjects across

  • Natural Sciences,
  • Engineering,
  • Life Sciences,
  • Medical Sciences,
  • Social Sciences.

More than 1,800 out of 4,000 universities across 93 countries and regions are listed.

Combined, the six EuroTech Universities score 37 top 50 positions. Their undisputed strength lies in the Engineering subjects, which 26 out of the 37 positions fall into. DTU achieves 3rd place in Biotechnology in this global competition. EPFL and TUM are ranked 5th in the world in Energy Science & Engineering (EPFL) and Remote Sensing (TUM) respectively. Technion defends place 16 in Aerospace Engineering, while TU/e is very strong in Automation & Control (48th). Institut Polytechnique de Paris, which includes L’X, is the exception to the rule and scores its top 50 positions in the Natural and Social Sciences.

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