EuroTech student representations

Universities in Europe take enormous measures to keep their operations going in the corona crisis: digital teaching, learning and exams. The EuroTech student representations took the initiative to compare experiences of students across six countries, and how their institutions and their peers are handling this unseen situation. “Universities are more than just educational institutions, they reach deep into many aspects of students’ lives. We meet our friends, participate in sports or other clubs, or use central services, such as mentoring programmes.” Jürgen Schiffer, President of the Student Council at Technical University of Munich stresses that student well-being is of extreme importance and should not be overlooked in handling the lock-down. The crisis also has an impact on students financial situation, which additionally causes stress. The EuroTech student representations plan to continue on the exchange and hope to have a physical meeting in the fall/winter, when it hopefully becomes possible again.

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