Programmes for EuroTech staff

Are you affiliated with one of the six EuroTech Universities – DTU, EPFL, L’X, Technion, TU/e, or TUM? Then have a look at how you can benefit from the Alliance.

We have a multitude of support programmes for EuroTech staff in place. These programmes offer financial or non-financial support (or both). We have set them up to further collaboration between the six EuroTech Universities. Furthermore, they are meant to help you get EU funding for your project from programmes like Horizon Europe.

Research, innovation & infrastructure

A wide range of financial and non-financial support programmes are available for EuroTech researchers and entrepreneurs, ranging from travel and proposal writing grants over funding advice to trainings. Are you interested?


Joint degree programmes, summer/winter schools, and extensive collaboration on PhD supervision are among the offers in terms of education to which you have access through the Alliance. Have a look when you teach or study at a EuroTech University!

Positioning at the EU level

EuroTech has an office in Brussels that can assist you in different ways to make your voice heard in the EU capital. If you need to identify the right person to approach in the European institutions or are looking for intelligence on policy matters, read on.


You are organising an interesting event or are working on a fascinating project the world should know about? You have just published a scientific article in a renowned journal? Your EU-funded project needs a website? We can help you with that.


European Venture Programme


This unique programme has been set up by the EuroTech Universities Alliance to support 25 of their researchers and students per year with launching their own start-up. They benefit from a 10-day full immersion programme.
EuroTechPostdoc2 Programme


Funded under the EU’s MSCA programme, the six EuroTech Universities offer 70 fellowships to experienced high-potential researchers, who can establish their own research lines and benefit from exceptional training opportunities.
EuroTechPostdoc Programme


EuroTechPostdoc is a postdoctoral fellowship programme for young experienced researchers who have already demonstrated excellence and potential in their field. It provides exceptional research and career development opportunities.
EuroTeQ Engineering University


This “European University” is funded under the EU’s Erasmus+ programme. Four EuroTech Universities join forces with two further partners – TalTech (EE) and CTU (CZ) – to establish a joint engineering sciences study programme.


BoostEuroTeQ is a top-up grant that supports the research and innovation dimension of the EuroTeQ Engineering University. It builds on synergies with the education-focused activities of the latter.


The project leverages the technology of torque-controlled robots by focussing on impact-aware manipulation in logistics. Three EuroTech Universities are involved in the project.
EIT Urban Mobility


The academic core consortium of this Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) originated at the EuroTech Universities Alliance. Today, five EuroTech Universities are part of the core consortium.


Three EuroTech Universities are part of this project, which aims to better understand how co-creation varies across different contexts and what is needed for successful scaling.