For EuroTech educators, the Alliance offers a great framework for setting up joint BSc/MSc/PhD programmes with other EuroTech Universities. Students on the other hand benefit from the offers of six different universities and gain international experience. Some of the following programmes include financial support (€).

Support possibilities

We have a multitude of collaborative education activities already in place, ranging from courses open to students of the other EuroTech Universities over inter-university mobility schemes to fully-fledged double-degree programmes.

Many of these activities have been developed bottom-up. Are you interested in getting support for your own planned activity? Please talk to your Operations Board member to discuss what is possible and how we can help you.

EuroTech offers PhD students the opportunity to pursue their research project with supervision at two (or more) EuroTech Universities. The supervisor of the home university and the co-supervisor of the host university will jointly define the supervision.

This scheme also includes funding for PhD mobility for a 3 to 6-month stay at another EuroTech University. Read more about the joint supervision concept here.

The cooperation of the EuroTech graduate schools also offers shared courses with the opportunity to follow specific courses at the other EuroTech Universities.

We fund selected summer/winter schools, organised by young researchers from at least three of the EuroTech Universities for their peers. Read more about the concept here.

EuroTeQ Engineering University is a so-called “European University” project funded under the European Commission’s Erasmus+ scheme. It was launched in November 2020 and involves, next to four out of the six EuroTech Universities, also Czech Technical University in Prague and Tallinn University of Technology. Learn more about the project and ways to benefit from it here.

Your points of contact

For further information on any of these topics, please refer to the Operations Board member of your university or the corresponding Liaison Officer in the Brussels Office.

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