Students & Judges invited to DTU Green Challenge

Every year, DTU hosts the international student conference and competition Green Challenge (GRØN DYST). The conference is DTU’s response to the global climate and sustainability changes. The next edition will take place on 23 June 2017.


Engineers play a pivotal role in the sustainable development of our society. It is important to give engineering students skills to contribute to the development of technological solutions that respond to the global challenges. Green Challenge is an opportunity for students to showcase the green and sustainable projects they have been working as part of their education.


300 students present their green projects at the Green Challenge student conference.  Their presentations are evaluated by judging panels consisting of politicians, international partners, experts from industry, professors and fellow students.

Partner universities are invited to join

DTU particularly invites students from its closest partner universities to participate in the Green Challenge student conference. International students can choose to sign up for a two day programme leading up to the conference or for an intensive three week course preparing for the conference and focusing on sustainability and green technologies. Expert judges from partner universities are also invited as members of assessment panels.

What is Green Challenge?

  • Green Challenge is an annual student conference to promote and increase focus on the topics of sustainability, the environment, and climate technology in DTU's educational programmes
  • In the Green Challenge competition, students work with well-defined sets of problems developed from their coursework or other professional interests. The work culminates with the presentation in the Green Challenge student conference
  • An abstract (a project summary) must be submitted and a mode of presentation must be selected prior to the student conference
  • Prizes will be awarded for the best projects in 8 different categories

More information

Green Challenge Flyer for download