Technologist #12 is out now

The twelfth issue of Technologist  zooms in on Europe’s strategies to hold on to its best innovators and the science of sound. Also included: a feature on gene editing, a piece on fake news and an analysis on Galileo, Prague’s hub for space technology. Subscribers will receive their issue shortly and as of 10 April 2017, T12 will be available in kiosks. Selected articles will be published online in mid-April.

About Technologist:

  • Technologist is produced by the EuroTech Universities Alliance, a strategic partnership of four leading universities: Technical University of Denmark, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Eindhoven University of Technology and Technical University of Munich.
  • Written by independent journalists and edited by the Swiss media agency LargeNetwork.
  • Available from leading newsagents at major train stations and airports in Europe.
  • Can be ordered for €9.5 per issue or €42 for eight issues.

Technologist also has a website featuring daily new posts from the world of science and technology together with selected articles from the print magazine. You can also follow the magazine on both Facebook and Twitter.