New issue of Technologist magazine

1 October marks the launch date for the second issue of EuroTech Universities' international magazine, Technologist.

Under the slogan ‘Innovation explained’, Technologist magazine presents the latest research and innovation, explaining it and putting it into perspective. It is the magazine that puts current trends within technology and natural sciences under the microscope.

In this issue, the magazine focuses on the maker movement, where young 'do-it-yourselfers' take advantage of cheap computers and components to develop revolutionary systems and products, which in terms of ingenuity and efficiency are often capable of competing with the large producers.

Hypervision—or seeing the invisible—is another theme in this issue, covering the latest developments within hyperspectral cameras and super-resolution microscopes. Unveiling unseen colours and shining light on the tiniest structures of living organisms, these new technologies can be used in countless applications, from agriculture to cancer diagnostics.

Technologist also has a website featuring daily new posts from the world of science and technology together with selected articles from the printed magazine. You can also follow the magazine on both Facebook and Twitter.

Front page of Technologist, Issue 02, October 2014

About Technologist:

  • Published by the four EuroTech universities: DTU, EPFL, TU/e and TUM
  • Published in English, French and German, four times a year
  • Written by leading science journalists and edited and produced by the Swiss media agency LargeNetwork
  • Available from leading newsagents at major train stations and airports in Europe
  • Can be ordered for €9.5 per issue or €38 for eight issues (2-year subscription)