New issue of Technologist magazine

The new issue of EuroTech Universities’ international magazine, Technologist, is out now.

This time around, happiness is put under the microscope. What can science tell us about joy? What makes us cheerful or grumpy? And can we use technology to measure how happy we are? These are some of the questions explored in the third issue of Technologist.

Another topic featured in this issue is 'superbugs’ – or drug-resistant bacteria – and their increasing prevalence in Europe. As we enter the ‘post-antibiotic age’, even small scratches or splinters could be fatal. That’s why researchers are in the race to find new ways of treating common infections in animals and humans – enlisting ‘friendly' bacteria and even viruses in the ‘war on superbugs’.

The front page of Technologist magazine no. 3. Main illustration: a smiley on yellow background

About Technologist:

  • Published by the four EuroTech universities: DTU, EPFL, TU/e and TUM
  • Published in English, French and German, four times a year
  • Written by leading science journalists and edited and produced by the Swiss media agency LargeNetwork
  • Available from leading newsagents at major train stations and airports in Europe
  • Can be ordered for €9.5 per issue or €38 for eight issues (2-year subscription)

Technologist also has a website featuring daily new posts from the world of science and technology together with selected articles from the printed magazine. You can also follow the magazine on both Facebook and Twitter.