TU/e launches new Open Access policy

Logo TUe_966EuroTech Universities’ partner, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) has launched its new Open Access policy, requesting all TU/e researchers to register and upload the final accepted authors’ full text (post-print) of all peer-reviewed journal articles to the TU/e repository. The new Open Access policy takes effect from 1 April 2015, after which all peer-reviewed publications will be made automatically accessible by the TU/e Information Expertise Centre with the consent of the publisher.

In order to complete the European Research Area (ERA), it is widely recognized that transparency, openness, accountability and public engagement with research will be strongly enhanced by publishing articles in open access and depositing post review articles in a repository without an embargo or with an embargo period that is as short as possible. Open Access is one of the European Commission’s core principles with regard to scientific publications in Horizon 2020. By making research output available via its central repository, a worldwide freely accessible full-text publication database, TU/e’s new Open Access Policy is fully in line with EU policies in this area.

Open Access is one of the key principles of the EuroTech Universities’ ERA in Action statement. The EuroTech Universities have the committed to working together with academia, research organizations and networks on the national and international level to promote Open Access principles, standards, facilities and procedures. The EuroTech Universities Brussels Office hosted the first EuroTech meeting on Open Access on 16 February 2015, in order to promote exchange on each university’s priorities in this field.