TUM remains University of Excellence

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) has secured the title "University of Excellence" for the third time in a row. As announced by the German Federal Minister for Education and Research on 19 July, the excellence strategy "TUM.THE ENTREPRENEURIAL UNIVERSITY – Innovation by Talents, Excellence, and Responsibility" proved to be a winning formula. This success makes TUM the only technical university among the winners in every round of the federal and state-level excellence competition since its inception in 2006.

With the prize money of 105 million euros for the period 2019 - 2026, TUM will implement its ambitious Agenda 2030, which features:

  • the realignment of engineering education to embrace the concept of human-centered engineering,
  • the transition from a department-based governance to a school system for more international presence and interdisciplinary activity,
  • initiatives to boost the international competencies of TUM administration such as international staff postings and university marketing,
  • support for cutting-edge research, female students and academic staff as well as a dedicated career development programme for mid-level academic functions,
  • Internationalization via TUM.Global with focus on Europe and Africa,
  • a networking strategy for the Munich metropolitan region.

TUM will also invest own funds in TUM Agenda 2030 to fuel the transformation process: For the entire project, a total of more than 270 million euros is budgeted. Read more