Workshop on Innovative Doctoral Training

On 29-30 August, Europe's key TU networks - the EuroTech Universities Alliance, CESAER, CLUSTER,  IDEA League and Nordic Five Tech - organise a 2-day Workshop on Innovative Doctoral Training at Technical University of Denmark.

The workshop will address essential topics in Innovative Doctoral Training such as quality assurance, supervision, internationalization, exposure to industry, interdisciplinary research-options, international networking and transferable skills. There will be ample opportunity for active participation, discussion, peer learning, and networking while looking at particular challenges, expectations and opportunities of Innovative Doctoral Training.

Building on a discussion paper jointly published by the TU networks in October 2015 and the EuroTech Universities Position on current & future EU instruments for doctoral education, the workshop thus aims to further promote discussions about Innovative Doctoral Training and the possibilities for scaling up best practice examples among the TU networks and beyond.

The workshop is expected to attract about 100 participants, notably heads and managers of doctoral schools, PhD students, vice-rectors, deans, as well as administrative and research staff engaged in doctoral education. Browse the Flyer and the DTU website for more information on the programme and registration.