Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Together, the EuroTech Universities cover the entire value chain from entrepreneurship and innovation-related knowledge generation, awareness-raising, education and training of students and scientists to patent applications, international business development and investment in start-ups. Our universities define entrepreneurship as a strategic task and have dedicated resources to support entrepreneurship at different levels. They have strong entrepreneurship and innovation research groups that generate cutting-edge knowledge on key practices. Additionally, each university had its own entrepreneurship centre, which can implement this knowledge into practice and actionable results.

The EuroTech Universities Alliance provides a unique framework to exchange and promote entrepreneurship and innovation activities across borders. Our activities in Entrepreneurship and Innovation span a large range of subjects and people – from university management to professors in Entrepreneurship and Innovation to experts in Tech Transfer and Entrepreneurship support. The Alliance has highlighted its expertise in innovation and entrepreneurship on a number of occasions:




European Venture Programme:
The European Venture Programme offers 20 young startups exclusive access to the entrepreneurship expertise and networking resources available at the four EuroTech Universities. The intensive 12-day programme (7 days beginning of summer and 5 days end of summer) takes entrepreneurs on a journey to four different ecosystems, where a mix of thematic workshops, company visits and public pitching competitions will enable the startups to grow their business beyond borders.

This unique opportunity, offered to five startups from each technical university (DTU, EPFL, TU/e and TUM), is funded by the EuroTech Universities Alliance.

Joint Educational Platform in Economics and Management of innovation and entrepreneurship:
More than 20 professors work together to jointly design and teach doctoral courses such as “Economics of Innovation and Technological Change”.


The EuroTech Universities are active in the field of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).  The Brussels Office hosted and co-organized a series of meetings and workshops with and for researchers active in the field, beginning with a first meeting in 2016 and resulting in a common project funded by H2020:

Scaling up Co-Creation: Avenues and Limits for Integrating Society in Science and Innovation (SCALINGS): Through a multi-sited, embedded, and comparative experimental research design, SCALINGS studies the unique implementations and outcomes of three co-creation instruments: innovation procurement, living labs, and co-creation facilities. The consortium focuses on two technology domains (robotics and urban energy systems) across 10 partner countries. SCALINGS aims to strengthen opportunities for best practice transfer and a socially robust upscaling of co-creation, while improving our understanding of how co-creation practices relate to the social, cultural, economic, and institutional environments in which they are implemented. Read more

Management of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The EuroTech Universities’ tech transfer offices regularly exchange challenges and best practices on key topics, including IP portfolio and licenses management; entrepreneurship; IPR perception; market orientation; license deal structures and conditions; equity in start-up companies; conflict of interest policies; student innovation and university-industry collaboration.

Innovative Finance for Tech Transfer:
An Expert Group has initiated multiple exchanges on innovative financial instruments for the development of commercialization projects, including patents and Proof of Concept. Members of the group have provided expertize to the European Commission on commercialization arrangements for universities.

Key Experts Involved

Education Platform:
DTU – Per Dannemand Andersen, Professor/Head of Division, DTU Management Engineering
EPFL – Dominique Foray, Chair in Economics and Management of Innovation
TU/e – Sjoerd Romme, Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation
TUM – Oliver Alexy, Professor of Strategic Entrepreneurship

DTU – Kristoffer Buch, Project Manager
EPFL – Herve Lebret, Manager of Innogrants
TU/e – Robert Al, Steven van Huiden, TU/e Innovation Lab
TUM –Sabrina Schulze, Chryssa Dimaki, TUM ForTe Entrepreneurship Culture

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)
DTU- Per Dannemand Andersen, Technology Foresight; Sophie Nyborg
EPFL- Gianluigi Viscusi, Corporate Startegy and Innovation
TU/e- Gunter Bombaerts, Philosophy & Ethics
TUM- Sebastian Pfotenhauer, Innovation Research

DTU – Helle Bunkenborg, Head of Business Development and Entrepreneurship
EPFL – Gabriel Clerc, Head of Technology Transfer Office
TU/e – Steef Blok, Managing Director of TU/e Innovation Lab
TUM – Alexandros Papaderos, Head of Patents and Licences

Innovative Finance for Tech Transfer:
DTU – Adam Hillestrøm, Business Development & Entrepreneurship Manager; EPFL – Gabriel Clerc – Head of Technology Transfer Office; TUM – Alexandros Papaderos, Head of Patents & Licencing.


Education Platform: Sjoerd Romme
EVP: Chryssa Dimaki
BETTER LITE: Anders Permin