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Press mailing list

Do you want to stay updated? Send us an e-mail (see contact details below) and we will include you in our press mailing list.

Press releases and statements

All of our official positions like press releases and statements/position papers/open letters etc. can be found in the “News” section – you can filter the news items accordingly and also set a filter for a specific topic if you would like to narrow down your search.

Logos and images

You can download the logos of EuroTech Universities Alliance and its programmes and projects in the “Resources” section under “Media”. For vector files, please send us an e-mail.

Most images used to illustrate this website belong to one of the six EuroTech Universities. Please refer to the copyright notice attached to the image or to our legal notice for further information.

All EuroTech Universities dispose of extensive online image databases, where you can also find portraits of members of management. Kindly refer to these databases and the respective terms and conditions if you are looking for an image to illustrate your story. We are happy to help should you need assistance; please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Requests for the EuroTech Universities

Please get in touch directly with the press offices of the universities:

In case of publication…

…we would love to know about it! Kindly inform us by e-mail or send a hard copy to

EuroTech Universities Alliance
Square de Meeûs 23
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Thank you very much!

Press Contact

Anita Schneider
Communications Manager
Tel. +32 471 221 117

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