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EuroTech support for applicants

A wide range of support programmes are available for our researchers who are interested in collaborating with colleagues at other EuroTech Universities and exploring potential joint applications for funding. The support can take place in the form of grants (€) and/or through in-depth information or hands-on support.

While this support is offered to EuroTech researchers only, it benefits of course also our consortium partners in EU project proposals. So make sure to team up with EuroTech researchers if you are planning to apply for EU funding!

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Support for developing EU project proposals

To encourage joint proposals for EU projects between the EuroTech Universities, we regularly organise workshops and webinars around research topics that fall into the five EuroTech Focus Areas. They introduce you for instance to different funding schemes (e.g., Horizon Europe, Erasmus+) and inform about upcoming calls for proposals.

At the same time, they allow you to meet researchers of the other universities who work in the same field as you, learn about their respective expertise, and connect with them. If you are looking for expertise from a different field, we can help you locate it in other EuroTech Universities and put you in touch.

These workshops take place either online (webinar) or in Brussels.

Keep an eye on our events section and/or follow us on social media to learn about upcoming events.

Also, if you are interested in a specific topic and/or would like to organise a workshop together with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

All EuroTech Universities have a budget reserved for reimbursing costs that occur when meeting with other EuroTech colleagues to network, build up a consortium, work on a proposal etc. Costs that can in any case be reimbursed comprise travel costs and costs of hosting a meeting (catering, room rental etc.). Funding for other expenses might also be possible and is at the discretion of the respective university.

In order to justify such EuroTech funding, it is mandatory that at least three EuroTech Universities are involved in the activity. To request funding and discuss formalities, please contact your Operations Board member.

In addition, the EuroTech Visiting Researcher Programme funds 1 to 4-week research stays to increase cooperation between researchers at EuroTech Universities. You can apply to this visiting programme if you are a professor (all levels) or postdoc (doctoral degree must have been conferred at the time of application) at a EuroTech University and would like to visit another EuroTech University. The application process is simple and straightforward and linked to an annual call for applications. Find more information about the programme on this page. The scope of the Visiting Researcher Programme is not limited to joint project applications.

Are you working on a project proposal to be submitted under an international funding scheme (e.g., Horizon Europe)? Grants of up to €35,000 are available at each EuroTech University for helping you write a successful proposal that involves several EuroTech Universities.

Grants are available for collaborative research projects which have a realistic chance of success and will be submitted by an upcoming deadline. The support may be used to hire service providers with a demonstrable record for the preparation of proposals, e.g., grant writing, screening etc.

To be eligible, at least three out of the six EuroTech Universities must participate in the proposal. Priority is given to proposals in which all six EuroTech Universities are included. The project must be coordinated at a EuroTech University. Consortia that can obtain funding from other sources are not eligible.

We follow the first come, first served principle. Interested parties are therefore encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Proposals will be treated with strict confidentiality. Please submit the request (see form below) to your Operations Board member.

  • Download the application form: PDF | Word

The EuroTech Liaison Officers in Brussels are available to support you during the proposal writing phase. They also can help with re-working proposals that were rejected but received a positive evaluation result for re-submission. This service is provided following a case-by-case decision and availability of personnel resources.

Your points of contact

For further information on any of these topics, please refer to the Operations Board member of your university or the corresponding Liaison Officer in the Brussels Office.