EuroTech and EuroTeQ

EuroTech and EuroTeQ are short terms for two different initiatives:

EuroTech Universities Alliance is a strategic partnership that has been existing as a legal body already since 2011. But its roots go even back to 2006.

  • EuroTech is fully financed by its six member universities and doesn’t receive EU funding.
  • It focuses on research, innovation, and education.
  • It it composed of six universities:
    Technical University of Denmark – DTU (DK)
    Institut Polytechnique de Paris (until 2023: École Polytechnique) (FR)
    Eindhoven University of Technology – TU/e (NL)
    Technical University of Munich – TUM (DE)
    École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne – EPFL (CH)
    Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (IL)

EuroTeQ Engineering University is an EU-funded project and one of the European Commission’s so-called “European Universities”.

  • The EuroTeQ project emerges actually from the EuroTech Universities Alliance. It was launched in November 2020 and ran until October 2023, with a new funding period starting in November 2023 and running until October 2027.
  • EuroTeQ focuses mainly on education.
  • The project partners overlap partly with the members of the EuroTech Universities Alliance but not completely:
    Technical University of Denmark – DTU (DK)
    École Polytechnique (FR)
    Eindhoven University of Technology – TU/e (NL)
    Technical University of Munich – TUM (DE)
    Czech Technical University in Prague – CTU (CZ)
    Tallinn University of Technology – TalTech (EE)
    HEC Paris (since 11/23) (FR)
    IESE Business School (since 11/23) (ES)

EuroTech Universities Alliance is a strategic partnership of leading universities of science and technology that by design strives not to be limited to universities in EU Member States. Two of the six EuroTech Universities are located in non-EU countries: EPFL in Switzerland and Technion in Israel.

EuroTeQ Engineering University on the other hand is funded under the Erasmus+ scheme of the European Commission. Being located in non-EU countries, both EPFL and Technion were not eligible for funding. They remain however closely attached to the project and participate wherever possible in selected project activities. In addition, CTU in the Czech Republic, TalTech in Estonia, HEC Paris in France and IESE Business School in Spain have joined EuroTeQ as project partners. 

It depends on the concrete activity. EPFL and Technion join selected EuroTeQ activities but are not able to participate in all. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] if you are interested in a specific activity. 

EuroTech is short for EuroTech Universities Alliance. We are a strategic partnership and as such not a “European University”.

However, the EuroTeQ Engineering University is indeed a “European University” as defined and funded by the European Commission.

To understand the difference between the two, please check the first question in this FAQ sub-section “Is it EuroTech or EuroTeQ?”.

Participating in EuroTech

Yes, most of our Working Groups are open to interested colleagues. So if you work for DTU, EPFL, IP Paris, Technion, TU/e or TUM, you are all set. Feel free to contact the chair of the Working Group you would like to join or contact your local Operations Board member.

This depends very much on the specific Working Group. Most groups are platforms for informal knowledge exchange and joint activities, such as partnering up in EU project proposals, organising joint summer schools etc. Meetings happen usually online these days, with occasional face-to-face gatherings where possible. Frequency of meetings differs again very much between the different groups.

Please note that participation is only possible if you are affiliated with one of the EuroTech Universities.

The targeted audience is usually indicated in the event description. As a rule of thumb: EuroTech webinars on EU funding opportunities etc. are usually restricted to people affiliated with a EuroTech University. Other events are usually open to a broad audience. If you are in doubt, feel free to send an e-mail to the organiser or to [email protected].

Have you already had a look at our “Get involved” page? If you couldn’t find an answer there, feel free to get in touch – we are happy to help.

No – unless clearly stated otherwise, there are no fees.

Indeed, we have been running two postdoctoral fellowship programmes, EuroTechPostdoc (ended) and EuroTechPostdoc2. Please note that, while EuroTechPostdoc2 is still running, there will be no more calls for applications. Follow us on social media to stay up to date if new opportunities arise.

Yes. While many educational activities happen within the EuroTeQ Engineering University, the EuroTech Universities have a multitude of bilateral joint Master’s and double degree programmes running. 

Furthermore, our Graduate Schools collaborate closely: We offer a joint supervision of doctoral projects by two or more EuroTech Universities, including mobility funds for stays abroad. We also provide funding for the organisation of summer and winter schools by PhD students for their peers. 

And all EuroTech Universities are very active with regard to continued education and lifelong learning.

To know more about our education activities, follow this link.

Set-up and scope of activities

Compared with other university alliances, EuroTech is rather small. For good reasons – our focus is on inter-university collaboration in all matters: research, education, innovation, and also administration. While EuroTech has an office in Brussels that leads and coordinates some activities, the member universities play a crucial role in the Alliance. Initiatives can happen both bottom-up and top-down, and depending on expertise and interest, interested colleagues from one or two universities take the lead.

In terms of scientific fields, we particularly emphasise collaboration in five Focus Areas. Collaboration in other fields is however by no means excluded.

On an organisational level, EuroTech has different boards that provide vision and direction, steer, coordinate and implement bespoke activities.

If you are interested to participate or even have an idea for a joint initiative, your first point of contact is usually your local Operations Board member or Liaison Officer in the EuroTech Brussels Office.

EuroTech Universities Alliance is a membership-based organisation. We are funded entirely via our six member universities. In legal terms, we are a non-profit international organisation under Belgian law (association internationale sans but lucratif – aisbl).

As we focus on intensive inter-university collaboration, EuroTech is a small alliance by design. Membership is therefore by invitation only.

The purpose of the Alliance is first and foremost enabling and deepening cooperation between the EuroTech Universities at all levels – research, education, innovation, and administration. Apart from that, we also provide a common voice to our member universities and advocate for selected topics close to their hearts at the European level.

We bring researchers at our universities together, provide a platform for exchange and joint activities, and facilitate collaboration by different means. One focus is on participating jointly in European funding programmes but our activities are not limited to that. To know more about support mechanisms for EuroTech researchers, visit this page.

In terms of talent development, we have been running two EU-funded postdoctoral programmes, EuroTechPostdoc and EuroTechPostdoc2. Check their websites for more information: EuroTechPostdoc, EuroTechPostdoc2

We bring teachers and students of our universities together, provide a platform for exchange and joint activities, and facilitate collaboration by different means. A large part of our collaboration takes place within the EuroTeQ Engineering University. At PhD level, we support the joint supervision of doctoral candidates and the organisation of summer schools. Apart from that, our member universities have lots of bilateral programmes in place. Furthermore, all of them are engaged in continued education and lifelong learning.

To know more about our activities and support mechanisms in education, visit this page.

All six EuroTech Universities put a strong emphasis on innovation. Within the Alliance, they collaborate in a set of Working Groups, connecting their innovation ecosystems and defining joint activities.

Particularly for start-ups, we have set up a unique programme, the European Venture Programme, that takes up to 25 start-ups per year on a journey to multiple EuroTech innovation ecosystems with workshops and networking opportunities. Learn more about the programme here.

EuroTech provides a platform for knowledge exchange and joint activities also for non-academic staff. We have Working Groups for legal teams, Chief Information Officers, communications, gender equality & diversity, to name just a few. Find all our Working Groups here.

Haven’t found what you were looking for? Send us an e-mail with your question and we are happy to assist.