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About Us

Take a look behind the curtain and discover what the EuroTech Universities Alliance is all about, who we are, what we aim for, what we work on.

EuroTech in a Nutshell

Member Universities

What started as a bilateral collaboration has grown into a strong partnership between six excellent universities of science and technology.

Facts & figures

First-class research, education, and innovation are our core pillars. Our combined strengths result in impressive numbers that illustrate what we can achieve together.

Flagship projects

Discover some projects that are at the forefront of what we stand for and of which we are particularly proud.

Success Stories

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The EuroTech Universities Alliance is a strategic partnership of leading European universities of science and technology joining forces to build a strong, sustainable, sovereign, and resilient Europe. The partners bring their excellence in research and education, their active engagement in vibrant eco-systems and service to society. Together, they join forces to accelerate their research in high-tech focus areas and advocate for change, through dedicated partners and a strong presence in Brussels.

Based on the EuroTech values, the partners aspire to a new level of cooperation by bringing together their inclusive, diverse and sustainable campuses. The EuroTech Universities create a unique environment for international talents to lead a new generation of change agents in research, entrepreneurship, industry and society.


EuroTech Universities Alliance aims to:

  1. Educate the best global talents in science and engineering to become innovators and change agents of society
  2. Conduct first-class research to make major contributions to the grand societal challenges

As such, we will:

  1. Contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  2. Accelerate the transition to the technological sovereignty of Europe through socially relevant research, innovation and entrepreneurship
  3. Reinforce the importance of the Alliance as the trusted go-to partner for EU policy-makers
  4. Reach into the DNA of all our partners and be widely known across Europe and beyond.


The EuroTech Universities Alliance’s activities are guided by the following core values:

  • Academic Freedom
  • Excellence
  • Societal Impact & Sustainability
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Integrity & Responsibility
  • Innovative & Entrepreneurial Thinking


We are ambitious! To further collaboration within the Alliance and increase our joint output, we have defined five “[email protected]” in which we want to significantly advance by 2025.

These five initiatives entail ambitious, unprecedented joint efforts at a scale difficult to achieve for one partner on their own. Each [email protected] is defined by clear objectives. 

Research, Innovation, Infrastructure


Sustainable Campus Development

Policy Dialogue & Positioning




The Presidents provide the overall strategic direction and define key initiatives. The chairmanship rotates annually.

Governing Board​

The Governing Board implements the strategic vision. It decides on the roadmap and budget for Alliance activities.

Operations Board​

The Operations Board implements Alliance activities. It is the first point of contact for staff and students at the universities.

Brussels Office​

The Brussels Office informs university staff about EU policy and funding. It is the first point of contact for external stakeholders.

Working Groups

EuroTech Working Groups have a high relevance for driving and supporting the Alliance’s ambitious agenda. They bring together experts from each EuroTech University on a certain topic or overarching theme, and facilitate their collaboration, with the aim to reach a defined objective. Working Groups can be either temporary or permanent and are open for interested colleagues at the EuroTech Universities to join.

Are you working at one of the EuroTech Universities and interested in participating in a specific Working Group? Then don’t hesistate to get in touch with the indicated lead or support person or, if none is indicated, with your Operations Board member.

Scientific Communities

These Working Groups bundle expertise around scientific topics. Members work together on joint EU project proposals, organise workshops, develop joint study programmes, and much more.

Cross-Cutting Groups

These Working Groups bundle activities related for instance to management, administration, and policy. They are a forum for exchanging knowledge and launching joint initiatives.

Strategic Projects

Working Groups in this category drive the development and implementation of activities that are of strategic relevance to the Alliance.


Find all our position papers, letters, and press releases here.


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