22 June 2021 | Are you working as a researcher at one of the six EuroTech Universities? Watch our new video to learn more about the wide range of financial and non-financial programmes EuroTech has in place to support you with your research. They include for instance travel and proposal writing grants, funding advice and […]

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18 June 2021 | This year marks the 10th anniversary of the EuroTech Universities Alliance. But the roots of the alliance lie even further in the past. Already in 2006, Technical University of Denmark and Technical University of Munich engaged in a bilateral strategic cooperation. Rasmus Larsen, DTU Executive Vice President, Provost, talks about the […]

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17 June 2021 | Together with many fellow science, technology, and innovation organisations, EuroTech signed an open letter to the European Commission and the Swiss government to emphasise the importance of having Switzerland associated to the Horizon Europe framework programme for research and innovation. The association is at risk over the recently failed negotiations about […]

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The newly established EuroTech Working Group on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is launching a biweekly online seminar series: Every other Wednesday, the group is offering a one-hour talk open to all. Join us on 23 June for the sixth talk: Prof. Jerome Waser Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne Merging Hypervalent […]

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WE ARE a strategic partnership of leading European universities of science and technology joining forces to build a strong, sustainable, sovereign, and resilient Europe.

The EuroTech Universities

We build on our excellence in research and education, our vibrant innovation eco-systems, and deliver service to society. 

We work together in five high-tech Focus Areas and advocate for change, through dedicated partners and a strong presence in Brussels. 

Mission & Vision

What drives us, what are our core competences, and what do we strive for? Discover the heart of our Alliance!

Facts & Figures

First-class research, education, and innovation are the core pillars the EuroTech Universities Alliance is built on.

Our combined strengths result in impressive numbers that illustrate what we can achieve together.

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EU contribution to EuroTech Universities in Horizon 2020
Number of PhD students at EuroTech Universities
Number of ERC grants received by EuroTech Universities in H2020
No. of notifications of invention at EuroTech Universities since the founding of the Alliance

Focus Areas

Additive Manufacturing

We bundle expertise around Industry 4.0, covering aspects such as automation, simulation, 3D printing and new materials.

AI for Engineering Systems

We apply artificial intelligence for solving societal challenges. Topics include machine learning, computer vision, robotics, and math.

Health & Bioengineering

We cover a wide range of aspects between patient care, medical applications and bioengineering for improved treatment.

Sustainable Society

We have joined our efforts in multiple, interdisciplinary topics such as energy, smart mobility, circular economy, and more.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

We set the bar higher than others by not only inventing new solutions to societal problems but also deploying them on the global market.