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EuroTech Visiting Researcher Programme

EuroTech funds research stays of one to four weeks to increase cooperation between researchers at its partner universities. You can apply to this EuroTech Visiting Researcher Programme if you:

  • Want to visit one of the following universities:
    Technical University of Denmark – DTU
    École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne – EPFL
    Institut Polytechnique de Paris – IP Paris
    Technion – Israel Institute of Technology*
    Eindhoven University of Technology – TU/e
    Technical University of Munich – TUM
  • And are a professor (all levels) or postdoc (doctoral degree must have been conferred at the time of application) at one of the above-mentioned institutions;
  • Want to find a simple way of financing a visit to a partner university
    One week at a partner university can be funded with up to €1,000, which can be used for e.g. travel and accommodation. You can apply for visits of 1 to 4 weeks.

If you do not have a contact at one of these universities, your local EuroTech Operations Board member can help you identify relevant peers. Please initiate this well in advance of the deadline.

* Before arranging your visit, please check the official guidelines of your country regarding travels to Israel.

Timeline 2024

The call opens on 12 December 2023. Deadline for applications is 12 February 2024. The results will be sent out no later than 1 March 2024. The visit and all administrative matters concerning reimbursement must be completed by December 2024.

How to apply

The application process is simple: Fill out this form and send it with a support letter from your host to your local EuroTech Operations Board member.

Please note that this programme only funds the visit of the applicant, i.e. you cannot apply to obtain funding on behalf of members of your research group. Regulations for work-related travel authorisation and reimbursement at your home institution apply.

Assessment criteria

The applications will be assessed by your home university. The highest score is given to applications aiming to establish a new collaboration within EuroTech’s Focus Areas:

Also, applications containing collaboration with more than one partner university, e.g. two researchers from different partner universities visiting a third partner university, are ranked higher. However, bilateral collaboration is very much appreciated. Additional priority is given to sustainability-related projects that you hope to establish or foster by means of this programme. Funding is handled at your home university.

Previous editions

The EuroTech Visiting Researcher Programme was established in 2022. In 2022, 43 researchers applied successfully for funding. In 2023, we funded 58 researchers, and in 2024, 62 made the cut. To know more about the results, check the following pages:


For all further information and to apply for funding, please contact your local EuroTech Operations Board member: