Sustainable Society

Under the umbrella of this Focus Area, the Alliance is embracing multiple, interdisciplinary topics such as Polar Climate, Integrated Energy Systems and Decarbonisation, building on the successful collaboration on smart urban mobility (EIT Urban Mobility) as well as recently kicked-off exchanges on Circular Economy.

The EuroTech Universities are developing technological solutions to address today's sustainability challenge. Solutions require comprehensive integrated approaches taking into account user needs, space requirements, implications of technological innovations as well as the sound design and implementation of policies.

Given the innovation ecosystems in which they operate, the EuroTech Universities form a unique European network of networks with leading industry players and high-tech industries, excellent technology and service providers as well as public authorities experienced in testing and deploying novel sustainability solutions.

In the field of Smart & Urban Mobility, the Alliance has highlighted its expertise on a number of occasions:





EuroTech Universities Working Groups are active in a number of mobility research fields, such as Traffic Safety, Urban Logistics, Intelligent Transport Systems, Automated Road Transport, Green Vehicles, Automation and Urban Mobility. A series of workshops primarily facilitated by the Brussels Office explored the scope for cooperation, complementary strengths and synergies of joining forces.



  • EIT Urban Mobility - MOBiLus:  On 5 December 2019, the EuroTech initiated-bid MOBiLus was selected as winning bid of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology’s (EIT) call for a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) in the field of “Urban Mobility”. With future headquarters in Barcelona, MOBiLus will gather 48 partners from across the EU and beyond to conceptualise, enable and activate the best innovation in sustainable urban mobility. The EU will contribute funding of around €400 million for seven years (2019-2026), making the project one of the largest publicly funded initiatives for mobility on the globe. Read more

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Key Experts Involved

Urban Mobility:
EPFL – Simone Amorosi, Deputy Director of TRACE
TU/e – Carlo van de Weijer; Leader TU/e Smart Mobility, Ben Rutten, Program Manager of the Strategic Area Smart Mobility
TUM – Gebhard Wulfhorst, Associate Professor Land Use Patterns and Traffic Planning

Intelligent Transport Systems:
DTU – Allan Larsson, Operations Management - DTU Management Engineering, Francisco Camara Pereira, Transport Modelling - DTU Management Engineering
TU/e – Carlo van de Weijer, Leader TU/e Smart Mobility; Ben Rutten, Program Manager of the Strategic Area Smart Mobility
TUM – Fritz Busch, Chair of Traffic Engineering and Control; Constantinos Antoniou, Chair of Transportation Systems Engineering

DTU – Harilaos N. Psaraftis, Transport optimisation and traffic engineering, DTU Transport
EPFL – Matthieu de Lapparent, Amanda Stathopoulos, Shadi Sharif Azadeh, Transport and Mobility Laboratory
TU/e – Tom Van Woensel, Chair of Freight Transport & Logistics; Luuk Veelenturf, Assistant Professor at Operations Planning Accounting & Control
TUM – Stefan Minner, Chair of Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Circular Economy:
DTU Daniela Pigosso, Tim McAloone, Engineering Design and Product Development
TUM – Magnus Fröhling, Circular Economy, TUM Campus Straubing

Brussels Office:
EuroTech – Maria-Valerie Schegk

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Working Groups

Working Group Smart & Urban Mobility

Working Group Space