All EuroTech Universities to participate in EU Graphene Flagship project

EuroTech Universities, EPFL, TU/e and TUM, have recently been invited to participate in the EU Graphene Flagship project – a major consortium of universities and industry working together on a ten-year project worth €1 billion on graphene research. The outcome is expected to generate economic growth in Europe by creating new jobs and opportunities propelled by the development of novel graphene-based technologies and applications.

EPFL has been invited to participate in the Graphene Flagship, represented by professors Andras Kis (nanoscale electronics and structures), Tobias Kippenberg (photonics, optical nanocavities), Oleg Yazyev (Dirac fermion materials) and Nicola Marzari (materials theory and simulation). TU/e’s professor Heiner Friedrich will receive a grant for research into the use of graphene in solar cell and Dr. Nico Sommerdijk will develop new photocatalysts based on graphene for use as cement coatings. At TUM, a team of researchers led by Dr. Jose A. Garrido at the Walter Schottky Institut of the TUM is developing key components of an artificial retina made of graphene.

DTU has been involved in the Graphene Flagship since it first started in 2013, with the involvement of Professor Antti-Pekka Jauho (sensors) and Associate Professor Peter Boggild (fast electronics).

The Graphene Flagship covers the entire 2D material value chain. Graphene has been referred to as a “wonder material” with numerous applications such as in flexible electronics, touch screen displays and miniature sensors.