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Health & Bioengineering

We investigate the challenges of modern healthcare and how technology can be an enabler for solving them in a responsible way. Topics include patient care, medical applications and bioengineering for improved treatment.

Within the Focus Area we bring together researchers from different disciplines specializing in medicine, the natural sciences, and engineering. The academics commit themselves to jointly investigate the challenges of modern healthcare and how technology can be an enabler for solving them in a responsible way. 

Taking a multi-scale approach, the partners explore new methods for diagnosing and treating diseases and improved technologies in the medical field. Us being an Alliance of universities of science and technology, the development of applications and medical devices is a particularly strong part of the partners’ research and innovation activities.

Our joint projects cover research in areas like innovative imaging techniques, applications to support elderly at home as well as providing the right skills to master avant-garde medical technologies.

EuroTech in Action

Shulamit Levenberg, Head of the Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering Laboratory at the Technion, is one of the global leaders in the field of tissue engineering. She grows tissue (muscle, bone, blood vessels, lymph vessels) in the lab to replace damaged or lost tissue. But the same technology can also be used to produce cultured meat, allowing us to use less space, water, and animal feed, and without making animals suffer.

Professor Levenberg is one example of the societal impact the life-changing research and innovation undertaken at the EuroTech Universities has.

Contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

This Focus Area links directly to SDG 3 Good Health and Well-being, but also serves other SDGs like SDG 10 Reduced Inequalities.

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Health & Bioengineering
A male and a female researcher in a bioengineering lab at Technion Israel Institute of Technology.
We engage in multi-scale approaches to patient care and public health, spanning R&D, services, technology transfer, public & professional education.


Yuval Garini

Professor of Physics, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Technion

Harmen de Jongh

External Collaboration Coordinator, Biomedical Engineering, TU/e