Do you want to find out more about the EuroTech Universities Alliance and its activities? You can always direct your questions and remarks to

In addition, you can find the relevant direct contacts within your university and at the Brussels Office below.

Visiting address


Square de Meeûs 23, 8th floor

B-1000 Brussels

Brussels Office

The Brussels office is responsible for ensuring that the EuroTech Universities are informed by EU policy & funding opportunities. The Brussels office is the first point of contact for EU stakeholders and for university staff interested in engaging in EU policy or funding programmes.

For information on EU-related activities, please contact our colleagues in the Brussels Office:

  Emily Palmer
Head of Brussels Office
Tel. +32 2 274 0532
Mob. +32 472 584 463
Inga Odenthal
Deputy Head of Brussels Office
Tel. +32 2 274 0538
Mob. +32 471 221117       
  Sonia Bowen
Office Manager
Tel. +32 2 274 0531                                                                     
100x120_oliver-K Olivier Küttel
Head International Affairs and Delegate to the President
EPFL Head of European Public Affairs
Tel. +41 21 6933559
  Simon Elben Hertig
DTU Liaison Officer
Tel. +32 02 274 05 36
Mob. +45 93 51 14 19
Alex van Nieuwland
TU/e Liaison Officer
Tel. +32 2 22 74 05 34
Mob. +31 6 57 14 63 75
Maria-Valerie Schegk
TUM Liaison Officer – Scientific Advisor for EU Affairs
Tel. +32 2 274 0533
Mob. +32 487 200801

Operations Board

The Operations Board is responsible the day-to-day management and implementation of Alliance activities. It monitors, develops and co-ordinates projects and activities and is the first point of contact for interested colleagues and students within the respective partner universities.

Please contact your relevant Operations Board Member directly if you wish to get in touch with one of the EuroTech Universities.

Anne Mette Holt Anne-Mette Holt
Head of International Relations
Office for International Relations
sebastien_tanguy_bigandt_900x1200 Sébastien Bigandt
Special Advisor
Office for International Relations
Dr Antoine Fromentin Dr Antoine Fromentin
Head of International Relations
Marleen van Heusden Marleen van Heusden
International Policy Officer
olk_100x120 Dr Harald Olk
Director TUM International Center
Tatjana Boos Tatjana Boos
Deputy Director of TUM International Center
Strategic Alliances
Emily Palmer
Head of Brussels Office
EuroTech Universities Brussels Office
  Inga Odenthal
Deputy Head of Brussels Office
Tel. +32 2 274 0538
Mob. +32 471 221117