Research Strategy


The EuroTech Universities Alliance anchors its activities in five fast developing research and innovation areas, where the partner universities offer complementary strengths in education and research and which are of high relevance to Europe’s industrial leadership and address the grand societal challenges.

Each of the six member universities have established internationally renowned educational programmes, research centres and infrastructures in these areas,  involving key industrial players and creating a significant number of hi-tech start-ups. Combining excellent talent and unique learning and research environments, the EuroTech Universities engage in establishing dynamic, interdisciplinary networks with active participation of faculty, students and industrial partners.



Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Together, the EuroTech Universities cover the entire value chain from entrepreneurship and innovation-related knowledge generation, awareness-raising, education and training of students and scientists to patent applications, international business development and investment in start-ups. Read more



Health & Bio Engineering

The EuroTech Universities each engage in multi-scale approaches towards patient care and public health, spanning research and development, services, technology transfer and public as well as professional education. Successful applications embrace not only the medical and biological but also the social, ethical, legal and economic dimensions of this field. Read more



Smart & Urban Mobility

The EuroTech Universities offer strong expertise across the entire spectrum of technologies vital in addressing today’s urban mobility challenges. Given the extensive mobility ecosystems in which they operate, the EuroTech Universities form a unique European network of networks with leading automotive players and high-tech industries, excellent technology and service providers as well as public authorities experienced in testing and deploying novel mobility solutions. Read more



Data Science & Engineering

Research and innovation conducted across the EuroTech Universities is growing fast, covering the whole Big Data value chain, which include advances in core techniques, technologies and infrastructure in data collection, storage and management, data analysis, controlled and effective data sharing, smart manufacturing and life science. Amongst others, the EuroTech Universities collaborate in Key Enabling Technologies such as Photonics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Read more


High Performance Computing 

While the success of High Performance Computing (HPC) in driving research across the sciences and engineering is undisputed by now, the application, technology development and innovation remains a challenge. Read more