EuroTech project ‘FBI’ receives European funding

The project Multimodal, Functional Bio-Photonic Imaging (FBI) secured 3 902 716 EUR of funding from the Horizon 2020 MSCA-European Training Networks. FBI was launched on 1.10.2016 and will run until 30.09.2020.

Given their scientific and organizational leadership, the initial four EuroTech Universities form the core consortium behind this project, which in total consists of ten partners from higher education institutions and industry. During the four year’s life span of the project, the consortium will work on research and development of novel photonic components and systems, investigating biological and commercial challenges of this technology, educating early stage researchers in understanding clinical and building a strong international network.

Optical imaging has a huge potential to address unmet clinical needs. It can combine non-invasive and real-time capture of biomedical information and enable earlier onset of treatment, reduce therapy costs and recurrence rates, as well as improved clinical outcomes. Until now, optical modalities were applied as standalone techniques each targeting one biomarker. Recently it has been shown that combining different contrast mechanisms simultaneously in a multimodal approach improves significantly diagnosis. FBI proposes to combine a selection of modalities depending on the targeted disease.