On Monday, November 27, dr. ir. Tom de Greef opened the EuroTech Winter School “Molecular Engineering of Synthetic Biological Systems”. This 3-day workshop – funded by EuroTech, the Institute for Complexe Molecular Systems, the Research Centre for Functional Molecular Systems, and the European Research Council – explored the latest advances in the field of synthetic biology and brought together world-leading researchers in cell-free synthetic biology, engineered cellular communication, synthetic cells, RNA synthetic biology, and mammalian synthetic biology.

With around 50 participants, the event was very well attended. Next to various talks by the senior invited speakers, also six junior talks by PhD students and post-docs were given. During the first two days, a poster session was held to stimulate discussion between the various participants. The poster prize was won by Yudi Ding, University of Cambridge, who presented his work on artificial receptors in liposomes.

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