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Successful EU projects

If three or more EuroTech Universities are part of a consortium that applies for EU funding and one of them coordinates the project, they are all set for receiving EuroTech support of different kinds (find out more here). 

Curious to know more about those “EuroTech projects”?
Check the following list of projects that successfully applied for EU funding!



“Translational Brain Imaging Training Network” aims to train entrepreneurial researchers to bring quantitative image computing methods into the clinic. Four EuroTech Universities are involved.


Optical imaging has huge potential to address unmet clinical needs by combining non-invasive and real-time capture of biomedical information. This MSCA project involves four EuroTech Universities.


REACH develops a service system to turn clinical and care environments into personalisable systems that encourage the elderly to become healthy via activity. Four EuroTech Universities are involved.