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What makes the EuroTech Universities Alliance different from similar alliances is that collaboration does not stop with research and education. It extends to university staff working on all kinds of non-academic topics – research management, legal affairs, international collaboration, communications, …

We have set up a range of Working Groups for that, which are a great platform to exchange with colleagues, share experiences, learn from each other, discuss new ideas and sensitive topics in a safe environment, and benefit from the work others have already done in different fields. Thanks to the alliance existing already for a decade, a lot of trust has been built up over the years, which is crucial for this kind of collaboration.

Furthermore, our EuroTeQ Engineering University includes a staff mobility programme that allows you to spend some time at another EuroTeQ partner university.

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Working Groups

Our Working Groups gather scientific and cross-cutting communities informally around specific topics and are a starting point for various activities.

EuroTeQ Engineering University

Within this EU-funded initiative, we connect our campuses, develop joint courses, foster challenge-based learning and lifelong learning.

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