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Close collaboration with industry is part of our DNA, so we are very happy that you have taken an interest in the EuroTech Universities Alliance. As polytechnic universities, we are constantly looking for opportunities to join forces with companies of all sizes to bring research results to life. We contribute excellent research and infrastructures to strengthening the European industrial base and to making Europe prosper in global competition while educating the workforce of tomorrow. As an alliance, we focus our core collaboration on five fast developing areas, namely

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Systems
  • Health & Bioengineering
  • Sustainable Society
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation

We are happy to assist you in any inquiry you might have and steer you to the right point of contact. Whether you are looking for a specific expertise for a joint project, a knowledgeable speaker for your event or for collaboration on a certain policy topic, we look forward to your message.

Questions? Your best points of contact are…