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I work in public administration

Each EuroTech University counts among the best universities in their country, attracting talent from all over the world. And also on the global scene, they are part of the leading universities worldwide. Together, they offer a huge pool of expertise in the research, innovation, and education of the 21st century. Through the EuroTech Universities Alliance, we can help you tap this potential and get you in touch with experts in all domains covered by our universities. Thanks to a high level of internal collaboration and excellent intra-university networks, identifying the right person for you to talk to can be done quickly and efficiently.

Whether you are looking for advice on policy and public programmes or for access to a vast community in a certain scientific field, we are happy to establish contact.

If you are looking for examples of the concrete economic and societal impact of public funding, we invite you to browse our projects or get in touch for further concrete examples.

Societal impact: A short introduction to tissue engineering, which presents a way to cure medical conditions AND rethink today’s food system

Recording of our event “The EU Artificial Intelligence Act – Landmark or stumbling block for researchers and innovators”
(25 May 2023)

Recording of our event “Clean hydrogen – Re-powering a sustainable society”
(29 November 2022)

Recording of our event “Chips for Europe: Capitalising on our strengths in semiconductor innovation and skills”
(5 May 2022)

Recording of our event “Key-enabling technologies at the centre of Europe’s prosperity”
(27 May 2021)

Recording of our event “Technology for society – are we getting it right?”
(10 November 2021)

Interview with Presidents Thomas F. Hofmann (TUM) and Martin Vetterli (EPFL) about the EuroTech vision and mission, the effects of the COVID pandemic on universities and the challenge of restoring society’s trust in science and innovation.

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