Horizon2020 project on co-creation kicks off in Munich

With a kick off meeting in Munich on 24 and 25 May, the consortium of the Horizon 2020 project SCALINGS laid the first cornerstone for jointly exploring the avenues and limits for the wider dissemination and use of co-creation practices across Europe. Co-creation—the practice of bringing together diverse actors in a joint innovation activity to mutual benefit— has emerged as a widely desired key resource in current attempts to enhance innovation processes and outcomes. Built on a core consortium of the initial four EuroTech Universities, SCALINGS will study the unique implementations and outcomes of three co-creation instruments: innovation procurement, living labs, and co-creation facilities. The consortium focuses on two technology domains (robotics and urban energy systems) across 10 partner countries. SCALINGS aims to strengthen opportunities for best practice transfer and a socially robust upscaling of co-creation.

SCALINGS is funded by Horizon 2020 under “Science with and for society” with an EU contribution of about € 4 million for four years.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship is one of the strategic Focus Areas of the EuroTech Universities Alliance. Together, the EuroTech Universities cover the entire value chain from entrepreneurship and innovation-related knowledge generation, awareness-raising, education and training of students and scientists to patent applications, international business development and investment in start-ups.