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AIvolution: Transforming the European Union’s Economy and Society

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital technologies are revolutionizing the world in many ways. The whole planet now knows what ChatGPT, the “cloud” or 5G are, even if we do not yet fully understand their implications.

The digitization of traditional services, the emergence of new digital services, and the growing dependence on international communication infrastructures are profoundly transforming our society, both nationally (e.g., in the economy, education, media and politics) and internationally (e.g. by changing the dynamics between world powers). Despite the strength and speed of this revolution, we still do not fully understand where it is headed nor do we have a sense of the impact it may have on our society.

That is why Juan-Antonio Cordero of École Polytechnique and Eva Maria Poptcheva MEP are organising the conference “AIvolution: Transforming the European Union’s Economy and Society”, which will take place in the European Parliament on 16 November 2023. The aim is to present the key trends in automation and digitalisation, as well as discuss their societal implications, their impact on democracy and the need for regulation in the European Union. The organisers also seek to have the conclusions serve as a guide for European legislators. Speakers include academics from different European universities and the private sector who are driving the AI revolution or studying it closely.

The event will be broadcast for those who cannot attend in person.


08:30 | Reception
Eva Maria Poptcheva MEP

09:00 | Session I: AI technologies, algorithms and use cases
Chairperson: TBC

  • Bram Vanderbroght (VUB)
  • Wafae Bakkali (AWS)
  • Miguel Colom (ENS Paris-Saclay)
  • Alonso Silva (Nokia Bell Labs)
  • Ruta Binkyte (INRIA/École Polytechnique)

10:30 | Coffee break

10:45 | Session II: Fueling and exploiting AI: big data and digital rights, social networks and disinformation
Chairperson: TBC

  • Oana Balalau (INRIA/École Polytechnique)
  • Oana Goga (CNRS/École Polytechnique)
  • Cristina Blasi (UAB)
  • Tamara Álvarez (ULE)

12:00 | Lunch break

14:00 | Session III: Digital networking infrastructures and enabling technologies: energy, cybersecurity and sustainability
Chairperson: TBC

  • Hervé Debar (Télécom SudParis)
  • Guillaume Ruty (HarfangLab)
  • Marceau Coupechoux (Télécom Paris)
  • Juan Herrera (UPM)

15:30 | Coffee break

15:45 | Session IV: Cross-disciplinary perspectives on the social impact of technological change
Chairperson: TBC

  • Darina Martykánová (UAM)
  • Rafael Rubio (UCM)
  • Mark Coeckelbergh (U Vienna)
  • Sonia Vanier (U Panthéon Sorbonne/
    École Polytechnique)

17:00 | Closing remarks
Eva Maria Poptcheva MEP

Practical information

Date: 16 November 2023
Location: European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium; and online (livestream)
Organisers: Eva Poptcheva MEP, Juan-Antonio Cordero (École Polytechnique)
Registration: Is required; please fill in this form.


This conference is open to all who are interested.