On 24 September 2018, the EuroTech Universities Alliance organised a Roundtable on the European Innovation Council (EIC)  in Brussels. The event brought together selected entrepreneurs and start-ups from the EuroTech Universities to jointly reflect on how the European Commission’s proposal for a European Innovation Council could be made as attractive as possible for students, scientists and innovation-driven entrepreneurs in deep tech ecosystems across Europe. Selected Commission officials were invited to parts of the discussion.


Here are the participants’ key conclusions:

  • Target teams in deep tech
  • Make the application light and fast, personal and ‘partly’ open
  • Make the support substantial, but as milestone-based tranches paid upfront
  • Prioritise grants
  • Help the innovator move up the value chain: de-risk procurement & follow-up investment
  • Act as stepping-stone through “EIC label”
  • Act as single entry point


Workshop participants covered different stages and sectors and included:

  • Marianne Thellersen Senior Vice President – Innovation and Entrepreneurship, DTU (Chair)
  • Stefan Drüssler, UnternehmerTUM
  • Jes Broeng, Crystal Fibres and DTU
  • Heiða Gunnarsdóttir Nolsøe, Dropbucket and DTU
  • Maarten Steinbuch, Eindhoven Medical Technologies and TU/e
  • Francois Sylla, SourceLab Plasma and Ecole Polytechnique
  • Jean-Marc Wismer, Mindmaze, EPFL Spin-out and Unicorn

EuroTech’s digital magazine Technologist recently published an article on innovation impact in Europe.

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