18 June 2021 | This year marks the 10th anniversary of the EuroTech Universities Alliance. But the roots of the alliance lie even further in the past. Already in 2006, Technical University of Denmark and Technical University of Munich engaged in a bilateral strategic cooperation.

Rasmus Larsen, DTU Executive Vice President, Provost, talks about the alliance and his own experiences with it. Read the full story about his take on EuroTech, its origins, benefits for researchers, students, and entrepreneurs on DTU’s website.

As a researcher, I myself have taken part in this work. I am a professor of image analysis and, on behalf of the alliance, I organized a series of workshops between researchers from the EuroTech universities in the field of medical imaging. I experienced an immediate trust between the participants and immediately felt on the same wavelength with the others. And in the two days we spent in the alliance’s office in Brussels and at TUM in Munich, respectively, we had formed consortia resulting in four successful research applications.
Rasmus Larsen, DTU
Rasmus Larsen
DTU Executive Vice President, Provost
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