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EuroTechPostdoc2 competition: Explain your research in a short video

28 July 2023 | Breaking down science so that non-experts can understand it is hard – but indispensable if you want to convince people that your work is important. That’s why our EuroTechPostdoc2 fellows learn how to present their research in a way that makes it accessible for researchers from other fields, policymakers, industry, … 

This summer, the first cohort of fellows published the results of an according assignment that read: “Make a video about yourself as a researcher and/or your research.” In preparation, they were offered two trainings: one on how to make videos with your cell phone and one on the content side of things. All videos entered into a competition and were voted on by the fellows themselves.

And it clearly paid off! Have a look below at the six shortlisted videos – big congratulations go to Rima Zein Eddine (École Polytechnique/DTU), whose video ranked first!