10 May 2022 | Jürgen Pfeffer, who holds the Professorship for Computational Social Science and Big Data at the Technical University of Munich, was invited today to speak at a hearing of the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights: “Human Rights and Artificial Intelligence: an EU external policies perspective”. The increasing use of artificial intelligence generates new challenges for human rights, with expressed concern about the unprecedented level of surveillance across the globe by state and private actors, which is incompatible with human rights. Human rights defenders and dissenters face particular risks that they will be targeted; on the other hand, AI can potentially offer at least some of them additional tools to defend human rights and democracy around the world.

Professor Jürgen Pfeffer and Valerie Schegk, TUM, in front of the European Parliament before the hearing on Human Rights and Artificial Intelligence
Jürgen Pfeffer visited the EuroTech Brussels Office before joining the hearing in the European Parliament. With TUM Liaison Officer Valerie Schegk.
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