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Results of EuroTech Visiting Researcher Programme 2022

6 May 2022 | At the beginning of 2022, the EuroTech Universities piloted a new programme that funds research stays at its partner universities. The results are now in: 43 researchers will receive funding for visiting another EuroTech University. All six universities are involved in the funding scheme, sending and receiving researchers from the partner universities. The researchers are particularly interested in establishing or deepening collaboration with the Technion, the newest EuroTech member, which will host 14 researchers, coming from all other five universities. 

Several visits will be combined with a counter visit of the host researcher to the sending university, allowing the researchers to get to know both institutions. One funded exchange involves a trilateral visit between TU/e, TUM, and Technion.

Key visual of the EuroTech Visiting Researcher Programme showing part of a globe with location pins for each EuroTech University

In terms of scientific disciplines, the visits cover all EuroTech Focus Areas, spanning from fundamental research in chemistry and physics to more applied research. High interest can be observed especially in computer and communication sciences, but also in civil engineering and additive manufacturing.

The goals of the visits are manifold. Some researchers are already working together, e.g. in the frame of a joint PhD supervision, and would like to deepen their collaboration. Others intend to extend their professional network with colleagues at another EuroTech University and establish links between their research groups. And some are planning to work on joint projects, like publications, proposals for funding under Horizon Europe, or a PhD course. 

The majority of the stays will last one to two weeks – applications were possible for a maximum duration of four weeks.


The EuroTech Visiting Researcher Programme allows established EuroTech researchers to spend one to four weeks at another EuroTech University. The goal is to enhance collaboration between the six EuroTech Universities in a sustainable way. The programme has a very lean set-up, with a short, straightforward application form and a timely evaluation process. It has been piloted in 2022 and will be assessed after completion.