10 September 2019 | At the beginning of September, Eindhoven University of Technology  officially launched its new knowledge institute EAISI (Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence Systems Institute). An initial investment of €100 million in Artificial Intelligence research for High Tech Systems is expected to lead to a European leadership position. This initiative is part of the strategic priorities of the new TU/e Executive Board for the coming years.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is considered one of the key technologies for the future. The province Noord-Brabant has already developed a strong position in the field and is now ranked fourth among the European regions with the most AI patents (Source: University College Dublin 2019).

The launch of EAISI marks the start of a number of new, tangible steps, including the recruitment of 50 new AI scientists. EAISI will hold its first symposium on 29 October 2019. In the field of education, the institute will be providing two new master’s programmes, Data Science and AI, and AI Engineering Systems, as of 2020.

The uniqueness of EAISI lies in its focus on the use of data and algorithms in machines, such as robots and self-driving cars, traditional strengths of TU/e and the Brainport region. The institute also focuses on the application areas of healthcare, human-machine interaction and ethical aspects of AI.

Browse the full TU/e announcement and the centre’s FAQ

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